We get you into broadcast

Technology integrator for television and postproduction companies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary • Complex audio visual solutions • An engineering team • Strong product knowledge • Over 25 years of experience

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We get you into broadcasting

Technology integrator for television and postproduction companies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary • Complex audio visual solutions • An engineering team • Strong product knowledge • Over 25 years of experience

What we do

The results of our work allow us to broadcast news, produce films, documents and series, provide sports broadcasts and produce advertising spots.


A complete realisation of the news chain. Media acquisition, editing, integration with content management systems, media asset management, on-air graphics, automated playout, implementation of archive solutions.


Processing media on-line and off-line in the most modern formats HD, 2K and 4K. A proven production chain with shared disk space, coding to various formats, sound postproduction, colour grading, movie restoration.

Software development

Integration of broadcast applications into one compact unit and custom software development. Creation of plug-ins and application modules to broaden the functionality of software solutions as required by clients.

„We get you into broadcasting“

Your partner in the field of comprehensive media integration solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Implementation, system integration and sales of audiovisual technologies

Business and Service Representatives of Avid Technology, Digital Vision, Ikegami, Telestream, Vizrt, FileCatalyst, Ncam, NLT, Shotoku, Stirlitz, XenData, BorisFX, Marquis, Masstech, ROOT6 Technology, Tektronix

Service, system and technical support of delivered products and implemented solutions

Development, technical support and sales of software solutions.


Our company is a system integrator in the field of television and postproduction technologies. We offer workflows and technical solutions for creating media content. We provide project, implementation and service services on a professional level. We think of you . The centre of our activities is at the heart of Europe, yet our own software development finds its customers all over the world. We focus on the integration of application broadcasts and custom plug-in development. By working with us, you will be able to take advantage of our experience and knowledge that we have gained over the past 25+ years during the realization of dozens of projects in TV and post-production companies. We are ISO certified and, as the only company in Central Europe, we have a prestigious Avid Certified Support Representative at the Elite level, which we renew every year. Take care of you as a professional engineering team able to analyze your needs, have detailed knowledge of the products offered on the market and propose optimal solutions in technical and financial terms.


Here you can look at some projects which we realised in the past.


Read short news from broadcast, postproduction, software development, and TV integration

Avid postproduction workflow introduced a new generation built on MediaCentral
15. 9. 2017. Stand Avid at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam.

Innovative solutions for post-production are increasing the speed and efficiency of cooperation. They are available to all – from small editorial teams to media giants. The technology includes disk arrays, editing systems, input/output devices and media management. At the global technological IBC in Amsterdam, the Avid company presented its novelties in the field of post-production. Avid is at the maximum focus on the integration of various software and hardware products that cooperate in post-production. Innovation is thus not only touched Media Composer editing system and shared disk arrays NEXIS but also production asset management MediaCentral for Post, which then becomes an ideal solution for small and medium-sized creative teams. New technology focuses mainly on processing 4K material and so demanding formats. Read the full article

Implementation of TV graphics technology for a large LED wall in the news studio
1. 9. 2017, Bratislava. Multifunctional TV studio Markíza. Source: TV Markíza

TRACO SYSTEMS completed the installation of Vizrt graphics system to a new study report on TV Markiza, where from August 24, 2017, all news sessions broadcast in the graphics visual style, which includes 2 large LED wall. The new graphics content of news sessions, visible on the walls LED is implemented using professional software components from Vizrt. The Viz Engine software provides real-time graphics rendering high-resolution 4320 x 1440 pixels, with smaller sides with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels. To an image can be inserted multi-channel live video and complex 3D scenes rendered in real time. Read the full article

Integration of CMS Octopus and post-production environment using Avid software plug-in Traco MediaBridge
Software Bridge by Traco

Thanks to the partnership of Octopus Newsroom and TRACO SYSTEMS experiencing the fulfilment of his nature, the implementation of plug-in Traco MediaBridge, which exclusively provides a connection between the system and the Octopus Avid environment. Plug-in has been successfully deployed in real operating at the technological renewal of the television station TA3. Společnost Octopus Newsroom, a leading global producer of television content management systems, concluded in May this year partnership with the company TRACO SYSTEMS, software developer and systems integrator. The partnership focuses on the implementation of plug-Traco MediaBridge, which allows users to browse the Octopus Newsroom and deploy media content from the production Avid Interplay asset management using drag and drop objects in a user-friendly interface. Traco MediaBridge provides television newsrooms equipped with software Octopus highly optimized workflow for creating training videos, including their representatives. Media content can be added from asset management directly to the selected report. Additional features include the ability to initiate an action from the user interface and octopi open AAF sequence Avid MediaCentral | UX. mem Octopus. A software plug-in Traco MediaBridge is one of the cornerstones for the entire integration. Read the full article


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