TRACO SYSTEMS completed the installation of Vizrt graphics system to a new study report on TV Markiza, where from August 24, 2017, all news sessions broadcast in the graphics visual style, which includes 2 large LED wall.

The new graphics content of news sessions, visible on the walls LED is implemented using professional software components from Vizrt. The Viz Engine software provides real-time graphics rendering high-resolution 4320 x 1440 pixels, with smaller sides with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels. To an image can be inserted multi-channel live video and complex 3D scenes rendered in real time. The graphical content of the walls is controlled by the Viz Pilot control software. This makes the scene change practically instantaneous. Depending on the needs of the television, this imaging system is customizable and can be expanded with the support of TRACO SYSTEMS in the future without the risk of outages in television.

„In this project, we have delivered high-quality added value to television, not only with used equipment, custom hardware but also with our shared know-how and long-term technical support, “says TRACO SYSTEMS Technical Director Miro Ambra.

„The project preparation of the new studio took 2 years, in this period we were selecting the best suppliers. “said Zdenko Ryšavý, director of the Markíza Television Technology Center, adding:”  The TRACO SYSTEMS solution has met all our expectations for integration with existing systems and displaying graphic elements of sessions on newly LED walls. “

Both video walls are technically equipped for the use of virtual reality. In practice, this means that so-called extended reality (augmented reality) makes possible for the TV viewer to see the scene enriched by virtual 3D objects or moving 3D subjects in which is the presenter closely interacted.