Project Description

In the TV news studio of Markiza, we realised the graphics engine Viz VideoWall for large-scale LED walls.

Place of implementation
Markiza Television – TV studio for news and weather forecast. Bratislava, Slovakia

Period of implamentotion
léto 2017

Description of our solution
In the television studio, we were solving the way of graphically filling of two new LED high-resolution walls. We designed a solution with two Viz Engine systems with 10 high definition video outputs connected to one unit. The result is real-time graphics rendering at a resolution of 4320 x 1440 pixels in the case of a larger LED wall, and smaller at 2880 x 1440 pixels. Multi-channel live video and intricate real-time 3D scenes can be inserted into the image. The graphical content of the walls is controlled by the Viz Pilot control software. This makes the scene change virtually instantaneous. Both video walls are technically equipped to use virtual reality. In practice, it means that so-called augmented reality allows viewers to see a scene enriched with virtual 3D objects or moving 3D objects which the presenter is in close interaction.